Build IPOP, Intro

Supported Operating Systems and Platforms

We currently support the following operating systems and platforms:

Other Operating Systems and Platforms

If the requirements are met, for other versions and flavors of Ubuntu or other Debian-based Linux distros, our Ubuntu release should work out-of-the-box. Raspberry Pi 2 and other Debian-based ARMv7 devices should work with Raspberry Pi 3 release, and Raspberry Pi 1 and other Debian-based ARMv6 devices should work with Raspberry Pi Zero release. If not, you may need to build IPOP code manually on that machine. There is a chance you also need to build WebRTC static libraries before that.

For Debian-based operating systems on x64 machines, the building process would be very similar to Ubuntu and for Debian-based operating systems on ARM7 and ARM6 machines, it’d be like Raspberry Pi 3 and raspberry Pi Zero.

Downgrading GCC to 4.9

The IPOP code build process currently just works with gcc-4.9 and you may need to downgrade your gcc. g++-4.9 is not available on Debian releases after Debian 8, “Jessie”, and you need to build it from the source code or add “Jessie” repositories to your source list: Open /etc/apt/source.list/ and add the following line to the file and save it:

deb jessie main

You may need to remove gcc-4.9-base before continuing:

sudo apt update && sudo apt remove -y gcc-4.9-base

Then you need to run the update and install g++-4.9:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y g++-4.9

After you built the code successfully, it is safe to undo the changes to the source list and upgrade gcc to the latest version.