Build IPOP for Windows

Warning: This document may be out of date.

Tested on Microsoft Windows 10 x64
Time ~ 10 Minutes
Question(s) - How to build IPOP?
Objective(s) - Build IPOP Source Code

Requires Visual Studio 15 Community Ed or greater with C++ tools. If using community edition you must install C++ tools separately from VS add/remove programs. Install Win 10 SDK, depending on the build revision you get you may have to retarget solution from project solution.

  mkdir -p workspace/ipop-project
  mkdir -p workspace/ipop-vpn/config
  cd workspace/ipop-project/
  git clone -b bh1
  git clone -b bh1
  git clone
  cp Release-Management\Deployment\win\ipop-setup.ps1 ..\ipop-vpn
  cp Release-Management\Deployment\win\ipop-start.bat ..\ipop-vpn
  cp Controllers\controller ..\ipop-vpn

Open the Visual Studio Tincan solution located at workspace/ipop-project/ipop-tincan/trunk/build/tincan.sln. The supported build configurations are debug x64 and release x64. After a successful build, the ipop-tincan executable is located in workspace\ipop-project\ipop-tincan\trunk\out\debug\x64 or workspace\ipop-project\ipop-tincan\trunk\out\release\x64 for debug and release builds, respectively.

   cp Tincan\trunk\out\release ..\ipop-vpn

Run power shell window as admin

PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Copy your config file when prompted.