An external configuration file is needed when running IPOP. A sample configuration file is provided with the Controllers source code. Default configuration settings are provided in

The external configuration file and the settings in are merged. If a key is provided in both files, the key in the external configuration file will take precedence.

Required External Configuration File Keys

Qualified Name Description
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].AddressHost XMPP server domain or IP address
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].Port XMPP port
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].TapName Tap device name used matching one specified in TincanInterface.Vnets
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].AuthenticationMethod Node authentication mode (values: “password” or “x509”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].Username XMPP credential user ID (AuthenticationMethod=”password”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].Password XMPP credential password (AuthenticationMethod=”password”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].TrustStore Truststore path containing XMPP server certificate file (AuthenticationMethod=”x509”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].CertDirectory IPOP node certificate directory (AuthenticationMethod=”x509”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].CertFile IPOP node public key filename (AuthenticationMethod=”x509”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].keyfile IPOP node private key filename (AuthenticationMethod=”x509”)
XmppClient.XmppDetails[0].AcceptUntrustedServer Trusted XMPP server
TincanInterface.Vnets[0].Name Name of Tap Device
TincanInterface.Vents[0].IP4 Virtual ipv4 address given to the node
TincanInterface.Vnets[0].IP4PrefixLen Virtual ipv4 address prefix
TincanInteface.Vnets[0].MTU4 Maximum Transmission Unit for Virtual net
TincanInteface.Vnets[0].XMPPModuleName Name of XMPP Module to use
TincanInteface.Vnets[0].TapName Name of Tap Device
CFx.Model Type of VPN (“SocialVPN” or “GroupVPN”)

Optional/Default Keys

Qualified Name Default Value Description
XmppClient.Enabled true Enable XmppClient module(Required by current codebase)
XmppClient.TimerInterval 10 Timer thread interval in seconds
XmppClient.MessagePerIntervalDelay 10 No. of XMPP messages after which the delay has to be increased
XmppClient.InitialAdvertismentDelay 5 Intitial delay for Peer XMPP messages
XmppClient.XmppAdvrtDelay 5 Incremental delay for XMPP messages
XmppClient.MaxAdvertismentDelay 30 Max XMPP Message delay
XmppClient.dependencies ["Logger", "TincanInterface", "XmppClient"] XMPP module dependencies
TincanInterface.buf_size 65507 Max buffer size for Tincan Messages
TincanInterface.SocketReadWaitTime 15 Socket read wait time for Tincan Messages
TincanInterface.ctr_recv_port 5801 Controller UDP Listening Port
TincanInterface.ip6_prefix “fd50:0dbc:41f2:4a3c”  
TincanInterface.ctrl_send_port 5800 Tincan UDP Listening Port
TincanInterface.localhost “”  
TincanInterface.localhost6 ”::1”  
TincanInterface.dependencies ["Logger"] dependencies of TincanInterface module
TincanInterface.Stun None List of usable STUN servers e.g.: [""]
TincanInterface.Turn None List of usable TURN servers with transport address, username, and password in format [{ "Address": "***:19302", "User": "***", "Password": "***"}]
Logger.LogLevel “WARNING” Level of logging verbosity (values: “ERROR”, “INFO”, “DEBUG”, “WARNING”)
Logger.LogOption “FILE” Method of Logging output (values: “FILE”, “CONSOLE”)
Logger.LogFilePath ”./logs/” If LogOption=”FILE”, specify path log files will output
Logger.CtrlLogFileName “ctrl.log” If LogOption=”FILE”, specify file name of Controller log
Logger.TincanLogFileName “tincan.log” If LogOption=”FILE”, specify file name of Tincan log
Logger.LogFileSize 1000000 Log file size specified in bytes
Logger.ConsoleLevel None  
Logger.BackupFileCount 5 # of files to hold logging history
CFx.local_uid ”” Attribute to store node UID needed by Statereport and SVPN
CFx.uid_size 40 # of bytes for node UID
CFx.ipopVerRel ipopVerRel (Variable in Release Version String
LinkManager.Enabled true Enables LinkManager module (Required by current codebase)
LinkManager.TimerInterval 10 Timer thread interval in seconds
LinkManager.InitialLinkTTL 120 Intial Time to Live for a p2p link in seconds
LinkManager.LinkPulse 180 Time to Live for an online p2p link in seconds
LinkManager.MaxConnRetry 5 Max connection retry attempts for each p2p link
LinkManager.dependencies ["Logger", "TincanInterface"] LinkManager module dependencies
BroadcastForwarder.Enabled true Enables BroadcastForwarder module
BroadcastForwarder.TimerInterval 10 Timer thread interval in seconds
BroadcastForwarder.dependencies ["Logger", "TincanInterface", "LinkManager"] BroadcastForwarder module dependencies
ArpCache.Enabled true Enables ArpCache module
ArpCache.dependencies ["Logger", "TincanInterface", "LinkManager"] ArpCache module dependencies
IPMulticast.Enabled false Enables IPMulticast module
IPMulticast.dependencies ["Logger", "TincanInterface", "LinkManager"] IPMulticast module dependencies
BaseTopologyManager.Enabled true Enables BaseTopologyManager module
BaseTopologyManager.TimerInterval 10 Timer thread interval in seconds
BaseTopologyManager.dependencies ["Logger", "TincanInterface", "XmppClient"] BaseTopologyManager module dependencies
OverlayVisualizer.Enabled false Enables OverlayVisualizer module
OverlayVisualizer.TimerInterval 5 Timer thread interval in seconds
OverlayVisualizer.WebServiceAddress “:8080/insertdata” Visualizer webservice URL
OverlayVisualizer.NodeName ”” Interval to send data to the visualizer
OverlayVisualizer.dependencies ["Logger", "BaseTopologyManager"] OverlayVisualizer module dependencies
StatReport.Enabled false Enables StatReport module
StatReport.TimerInterval 200 Timer thread interval in seconds
StatReport.StatServerAddress “” Webservice to send stats
StatReport.StatServerPort 8080 Port of StatReport webservice
StatReport.dependencies ["Logger"] StatReport module dependencies