Install and Run IPOP on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 x64
Raspbian Buster on Raspberry Pi 3 and 4
Time ~ 5 Minutes

Get IPOP deb Package

Download the latest release of IPOP VPN from GitHub.

Install IPOP deb Package

sudo apt install -y <path/to>/ipop-vpn_*.deb

On Desktop Environments, you can install the deb package by double click.

Edit IPOP Configuration File

After installation but before starting IPOP, complete /etc/opt/ipop-vpn/config.json by adding the XMPP credentials, setting the IP address, and applying other configurations as needed.

Run IPOP Service

sudo systemctl start ipop

Additionally, use systemctl to start/stop/restart/status ipop.


The installer has dependencies on, and will install python3 (>=3.6), python3-dev (>=3.6), python3-pip, iproute2, bridge-utils.

Disable Start on Boot

sudo systemctl disable ipop

By default, the following files and directories are created:

  1. /opt/ipop-vpn/ipop-tincan
  2. /opt/ipop-vpn/controller/
  3. /etc/opt/ipop-vpn/config.json
  4. /etc/systemd/system
  5. /var/logs/ipop-vpn/tincan_log
  6. /var/logs/ipop-vpn/ctrl.log

Remove IPOP

sudo apt remove -y ipop-vpn