NOTE: This guide is for running the current development build. If you are interested in the existing stable release please use this installation guide.

  1. See the instructions for building Tincan

  2. Install dependencies
    sudo apt-get install -y python3 python-pip python-dev
    sudo pip install --upgrade pip
    sudo pip install sleekxmpp psutil
  3. Clone Controller
    mkdir -p ~/workspace/ipop-project
    mkdir -p ~/workspace/ipop-vpn/config
    cd ~/workspace/ipop-project/
    git clone
    cd ./Controllers
    git checkout master
    cp -rf ./controller/ ../../ipop-vpn/
    cd ../../ipop-vpn
  4. Copy the Tincan executable you previously created.
    cp -f ~/workspace/ipop-project/Tincan/trunk/out/release/x64/ipop-tincan ~/workspace/ipop-vpn

  5. Copy and edit your config file.
    See Configuring your network more details, but the only the XMPP details are necessary to get started.
    cp ~/workspace/ipop-project/Controllers/controller/sample-gvpn-config.json ~/workspace/ipop-vpn/config/ipop-config.json

  6. Start the IPOP-VPN processes Check your firewall, both host and guest if virtualized.
    sudo ./ipop-tincan &
    python -m controller.Controller -c ./config/ipop-config.json &
  7. Terminate IPOP-VPN
    sudo killall ipop-tincan  
    ps aux | grep -v grep | grep controller.Controller | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo kill -9