Use IPOP on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi, Snap Package

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 x64
Ubuntu Core 16 on Raspberry Pi 3
Ubuntu Server 18.10 on Raspberry Pi 3
Time ~ 10 Minutes

Install IPOP Snap Package

sudo snap install ipopvpn_<package-version>.snap --devmode

Configuration File

A sample configuration file is available here. Copy IPOP config file to /root/snap/ipopvpn/current/config.json. Don’t forget to edit the following lines:

Under CFx add "NidFileName": "/root/snap/ipopvpn/current/nid".

Under Directory, change "Directory": "/root/snap/ipopvpn/logs/".

Under Signal > Overlays , the overlay’s HostAddress, Username, and Password.

Under BridgeController > Overlays, the overlay’s IP4 address.

These changes are mandatory to run IPOP VPN Snap package. You may want to apply further changes to the configuration file. Here is the guide to Understanding the IPOP Configuration.


sudo ipopvpn.tincan &
sudo ipopvpn.controller &