Wiki Maintenance Tips

  • Follow the page format from Use IPOP on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi, Manually.
  • Every wiki page should start with a Header 1 title. It would be the title of the respective page on the website. Otherwise, the page won’t have a title on the website.
  • There should be a blank line before each table. Otherwise, the table won’t render correctly on the website. That won’t affect the table view on the wiki, though.
  • Avoid using anything that looks like Liquid objects and tags on the wiki. Those will cause an error while building the website. If you need more info, take a look at the Liquid Introduction.
  • The website will be updated according to the wiki updates once in a while, probably every few weeks. If you have applied an update to the wiki and you think it is necessary to be reflected on the website soon, contact vdaneshmand {at} You can check the wiki pages on the website.